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Sajeevan Sreebala

Ethical guidelines are given to "Sreebala" and Sreebala Engineer "Sajaykrishna" to adhere to social responsibility, design and quality.

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Sreebala SRI

we are trying to develop our Service to be the best. Our dream is to bring goodness and happiness with our best quality products.

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Sajaykrishna Sreebala

I love to Invest my time in Sreebala.
I love India.

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ISRO GSLV Mk II ROCKET model built to study welding for developing Sreebala's products.

Material: Steel, Height: 3 feet, Weight: 6 Kg Gauge: 16
Computer Technology : CAD , CAM
Year : 2019
Painting and Sticker Designs - Sreebala Graphics.

Krishnanjali Marine Boat.
Built by, Sreebala.

Krishnanjali, an Steel boat built by Sreebala to be useful for rescue operations in situations similar to the 2018 floods, The project was partially abandoned due to a legal issue that arose when it was attempted for a license for this boat, of which 12 people have seating capacity.
Sreebala Tested Its Efficiency.
Sreebala is planning future boat construction projects in accordance with Indian laws.

Behind the scenes of Sreebala. Dept. Research & Innovation.

Order By Sajeevan Sreebala
for the Development of Sreebala SAJEEVAN SREEBALA ordered SAJAYKRISHNA SREEBALA to do Research in Engineering and Develop some unique products for Sreebala.